Bulkley Valley Christian School
Mind. Heart. Service.

About Us

Bulkley Valley Christian School is a community of students, staff, parents and supporters who care about Christian education. Our common faith in Jesus Christ provides us with a bond and shared vision for Christian education. From our perspective within orthodox, classical Christianity, we endeavor to do all things for God's glory and for the advancement of His kingdom. We are a school that is:

  • Christ-centred
  • Teacher-directed
  • Student-oriented
  • Community-connected

Our mission statement, below, goes a long way in explaining who we are.


In joyful obedience to Christ, the Bulkley Valley Christian School community strives to provide a comprehensive program of quality instruction that is shaped by a reformed understanding of the Scriptures.
We recognize our need to personally know God in Christ through his Spirit and Word. It is out of this relationship that we encourage and teach our students to develop a view of life and creation that is centered in God.
Students are led to appreciate, understand, and evaluate the world so that, as they grow in faith and knowledge, they will take up the challenge to bring the healing power of Christ to all areas of life.