Bulkley Valley Christian School
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Nanfayi, Sierra Leone

BVCS has connected with a very rural, impoverished school in the village of Nanfayi, Sierra Leone, in part through the help of Dennis deGroot (a former principal of Surrey Christian School, instrumental in leading that school into this type of relationship with a similar Christian school in rural Sierra Leone).

What will this partnership look like for BVCS? For the people of Nanfayi village and their students? How will this relationship translate into learning opportunities and activities for our students? These are all good questions, and the simple answer at this point is that we do not know yet.

As a staff, we are excited about this new learning opportunity and are confident of God’s leading and direction in the process. You can expect to hear more about this village, its school, and its people as the relationship grows and we each learn about each other. I expect that in seeking to be a blessing to them, we will also be blessed along the way. In this manner, we hope to help our students “...appreciate, understand, and evaluate the world” – at least in this small corner of Sierra Leone. May God be glorified by our efforts!

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