Bulkley Valley Christian School
Mind. Heart. Service.

Our History

It was in 1953 when a group of Christian parents, a pastor, and supportive community members first fielded the idea of a Christian school in Smithers. Their deliberation, prayer and hard work came together to form a Christian school society in 1960. It was only one year later that shovels hit the dirt on Walnut Drive and a school building began to emerge. By 1961, a teaching principal and two full-time teachers headed up the first year of what was then called the "Canadian Christian School of Smithers", home to grades one through seven.

Today, Bulkley Valley Christian School hosts a growing population of students from kindergarten through grade 12, and with more than fifty years of history behind us we continue to cherish the heritage that has been passed on to us.

The most important aspect of our heritage is a strong commitment to the idea of Christian Education. Our founders were passionate about this, and it's a passion that we hope continues to be exemplified in all that we do. When you are considering Bulkley Valley Christian School, you need to ask the question: "What is Christian Education?" Simply put, Christian Education is education that sees God's sovereignty over all things; from microscopes to civil engineering, from soccer to physics, from mathematics to drama. Christian Education is education that is provided from a distinctly Christian perspective, or worldview. It was a Dutch statesman and theologian, Abraham Kuyper, who put it this way: “There is not a square inch in the whole domain of our human existence over which Christ, who is Sovereign over all, does not cry, 'Mine!'” It is from this perspective that we offer an educational program.

Our kindergarten through grade 12 program is fully accredited by the BC Ministry of Education and all teachers are government-licensed.