Bulkley Valley Christian School
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IMPORTANT information for all parents


  • We recommend (but do not require) that all students have their own hand sanitizer.
  • All learning materials, such as:​
    • indoor shoes
    • textbooks
    • notebooks, calculators, etc.
  • Water bottle—water fountains will not be available to students. The water bottle filling station will be open.

We will not be allowing students to use lockers or cubbies. They should keep their materials near their desks (elementary) or on their person (high school).


  • Parents must screen their kids for COVID-19 symptoms before coming to school. Parents will be asked to pick up students immediately if they become sick at school.
  • Do not send your chlid to school with any illness (colds, coughs, etc.)

Arrival at school

  • Our parking lot will be closed to traffic. Children should be dropped off curbside on 14th Avenue or Fulton Avenue. Staff in high-vis vests will be available to help.
  • Students should enter the building and go to class right away. Students should not line up outside the building or play on the playground.
  • Parents should not enter the building. Instead, call 250-847-4238 or email us.
  • Do not go to the office if you are late for class. Go directly to class.
  • Entrances:
    • Kindergarten: use blue door at front of building
    • Grades 1 – 3: use back door nearest the playground
    • Grade 4 – 6: use ramp door
    • Grade 7: use modular main entrance
    • High school: use main entrance only
  • Everyone must wash their hands immediately upon arrival.

While at school

  • Follow all arrows and posted directions
  • Students will be required to wash hands and sanitize personal workspaces and equipment throughout the day. Instructions will be posted and/or provided.
  • Students must not share personal items, clothing, school supplies (calculators, books, writing utensils, etc.), food and must minimize all physical contact.
  • Microwaves have been removed from student areas. Students should bring food that does not require microwaves.
  • Water fountains have been taped off and are not available for student use. (Bring a water bottle!)
  • Do not go to the office unless absolutely necessary. Do not enter the office area: interact with staff through the front window.
  • Students will not have access to the office landline phone. If they need to call, staff will call on their behalf.
  • We'll be practicing physical distancing whenever possible. We recognize that this is difficult at younger grades, where we will be focusing on minimizing physical contact.

Leaving school

  • Students should wash their hands before leaving the premises
  • At the end of the school day students should be picked up promptly by parents. Students who are walking or biking home should do so as soon as possible upon the completion of their school day. They cannot remain at school.