Bulkley Valley Christian School
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District Track & Field Day (grades 4 - 7)

Friday, June 07, 2019

Location: Smithers Secondary School

All grade 4 students will be participating in the track meet. What is different is that this year the plan is to make participation in the track meet optional for grades 5-7. That will make is possible for those who do want to participate to compete in more events.  Students in grades 5-7 who do not wish to participate in an event won't have to, but will be welcome to come and cheer their classmates on. Because we have not done it this way before, there are some details we are working out. Please stay tuned for more information in future newsletters.

BVCS volunteers are responsible for manning the long jump station from 9am to noon. I am looking for any volunteers who might like to help me at this station for the morning, or a portion of it, with scoring. If you are able to help from 9 until 10:30, or 10:30 until 12, please let me know!