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B4B Grants Available

B4B invites applications for funding. B4B's mission is to provide sports gear, lift passes, lessons, and sponsorships for camps to those who otherwise could not afford the experience, as well as supporting various events and contributions within out community. Apply today!

B4B is a non-profit society that supports local youth in the Bulkley Valley.  The society was created to carry on the legacy of Brant Holenstein who was a kind and giving young man who loved to snowboard. 

“Our mission is to help individuals and families who otherwise cannot afford to participate in sports. We do not provide support for teams or any crowdsource funding.

Applications for funding are reviewed monthly by our board. The board considers each application, starting with financial need.  Other factors include the type of activity requiring support, the amount requested, and the financial situation of B4B at the time of the request for support.

B4B is committed to supporting individuals engaged in community sports.  

Application forms and information are available on our website: www.boarding4brant.com

Inquires may be directed to Board Member Brooke Bandstra.

P: 250.877.0498 | E: boardingforbrant@gmail.com