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Band instrument rentals

In response to requests to the Education Committee to make band rental rates more equitable, a different fee system will be put in place. Until now there has been a significant difference between rates charged for instruments owned by the school compared to rates from other suppliers. The school rate was $135, while other suppliers’ rates ranged from $200 to more than $500, depending on the instrument rented. Our new system levels the playing field.

These are the details:

  1. Students who rent instruments will be paying a one-time fee of $195.00 This will cover the rental, supplies, care kit, and repairs. The instrument may be a school instrument or an instrument from Horncraft. The school will make sure there is a sufficient number of instruments available and will also look after bringing and picking up instruments should repairs be necessary. Students will, of course, be expected to take very good care of their instruments. Please note that this rate is less than a 10-month rental of the least expensive instrument at a supplier.
  2. Students who already own instruments and students who play in the percussion section of the band will be paying a one-time fee of $ 55.00. This will cover supplies and repairs.
  3. Students who have already rented an instrument will pay a one time fee of $ 55.00 to cover supplies and repairs.

Fees will be payable by Friday, September 13 . Fees should be given to the band director, Mr. Kort. No instruments or supplies will be issued until the fee is paid. If you are at all unsure about the amount to be paid or if you have other questions, please email kkort@bvcs.ca.