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eTransfer for Grocery Cards

Since we introduced eTransfer in October, you've purchased nearly $17,000 worth of grocery cards using eTransfers.

Are you a BVCS parent who is not using grocery cards yet? You're missing out on an easy and no-cost way to contribute to BVCS. Watch this fun 2-minute video to find out how it works.

Two ways to purchase grocery cards:


  • Come to the office to purchase grocery cards. You can buy cards for Safeway, No Frills and BV Wholesale.

Interac eTransfer

  • Log in to your online banking portal
  • Look for the Interac eTransfer option
  • Send your eTransfer to groceries@bvcs.ca
  • We'll get your eTransfer within 30 minutes of you sending it. We'll print out the transfer and have it ready for you at the front office. Come to the front office and pick up the cards you'd like.

FInd out more with this 2-minute video.