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Gold & Silver at Pacific NW Regional Science Fair

BVCS students did remarkably well at the Pacific NW Regional Science Fair this past weekend!

Cedar Page and Talya Forslund, both grade 5, won gold with their research project entitled: "What Type of Candy Raises Your Blood Sugar the Most?" Their project involved fasting and eating large amounts of candy, then pricking their (or their mothers') fingers with a glucometer. Wondering which candy hits the blood sugar the hardest? Ask the girls.

Grade 4 students Alisa Wilson and Sarah Lo won a silver award with their project. "Was Grandma Crazy or Does Talking to Your Plants and Playing Music to them Make them Grow Better?" They tested their hypotheses on bean plants. You'll need to ask them about their results next time you see them...but here's a hint: Grandma ain't crazy after all.

Gracie Groot and Cassandra Jaarsma (both in grade 5) were looking for gold in their project...and they found it. In their project (which merited a silver award), the pair wondered if they could extract gold from computers. They were successful in extracting gold from RAM modules.

BVCS was proud to sponsor an award at this year's science fair: "One award of 100 to be awarded to a student from grade 7 - 12 of any participating school for the best project that shows practical application of science to assistive systems (mechanical, sensory, communication, mobility, etc.) for people with illness, disabilities or special needs." The science fair committee selected grade 11 student Rachel Cuell, whose project was about suicide. Rachel was also selected to go on to nationals (held in Ottawa this year). Congratulations, Rachel!