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Update your MyBVCS classes/groups

If you don't have MyBVCS installed on your mobile device, you may be missing out on important news, events, alerts and/or emergency messages. MyBVCS is free and available for all mobile devices. Find out more here.

MyBVCS is an important tool for parents to stay in touch with your child's classes, teams, events and schedules. But you need to select those for this year.

  • Tap the menu button (icon at the top left: three horizontal lines).
  • In the menu, tap “Sign In”. (You may already be signed in, in which case, go to the next bullet)
    • Use your school account if you have one. Otherwise: If you have not signed in before, “Sign Up” for a new account.
  • Tap “Classes” in the menu, then tap the gear to select your classes.
  • Tap “Groups” in the menu, then tap the gear to select your clubs, teams, and other groups that you belong to.
  • In the menu, tap the 'gear' icon with your name next to it, and pick how you want to receive notifications: push notification, email or SMS