Bulkley Valley Christian School
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Volleyball practice schedules

The practice schedule for all teams is available online as well as in MyBVCS.


  • open the app on your device (don't have MyBVCS? Get it here: it's free)
  • tap on the Menu (top left of the screen: three horizontal lines)
    • are you signed up and signed in?
      • if you have an account, tap Sign In
      • if you don't have an account yet, tap Sign Up (install code is 12345)
  • tap on Groups
  • tap on the gear icon (top right)
  • select the team(s) you or your children are a part of
  • tap the back arrow (top left). You'll see your teams show up 

You'll receive news, practice schedule and more specific to the teams you're signed up for. These items will be added to your MyBVCS calendar automatically.