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Rustlin’ up a Humdinger: Western Night

Calling all cow-pokes (and wannabees)! We're plannin' a real humdinger for March 2, and we hope ta see y'there. Elementary parents, high school parents, grandpappies and grandmammies are all welcome to sit down to the best vittles this side of the Oh-hiy-yo River. Pull up a stool at the Root Beer Saloon and stomp yer boots with a little line-dancin afterwards. Shoot, there might even be some great entertainizin'.

We're puttin' this up for March 2, starting at 5 pm. There's a lot a cowpokes round these parts, though, so you'll need ta Are-Ess-Vee-Pee (that's RSVP) mighty soon. Stomp yer hoof HERE to register.

We ain't chargin' a fee fer this here event, but we hope you'll rustle up some change (well, bills actually) by way of a dough-nation while yer here. We're callin' this a fundraiser.

Don't feel like you got much to throw in the dough-nation bucket? Don't worry yer tail about that. Just come anyway.


We'll hold a mini-auction during the evening. We want to keep this to be within half an hour. If you have an item for the auction, please let Tom Grasmeyer know.