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Cultural Experience Through YES Canada

 One-year or half-year enrollment arrangement through YES Canada

Students who enroll in the Cultural Exchange Program through YES Canada do not enroll for the purpose of obtaining any British Columbia High School Diploma credits. Rather, they aim to develop their English skills and cultural awareness by participating in a variety of academic and non-academic courses. They typically enroll in grade 10, 11, or 12, depending on their age.

  • Students make all financial and travel arrangements through YES Canada.
  • In consultation with the YES Canada staff, students are placed to live with a family associated with the Bulkley Valley Christian School.
  • Student and parents shall understand that all teaching at BVCS is done from a Christian point of view. Bible study courses are mandatory. Understanding Western culture and literature is easier when the student learns how they are rooted in the Bible.
  • The students will have opportunity to participate in various optional school trips. The cost of of these trips will vary, but they will be mostly the responsibility of the student.


BVCS International Program Promo - Spanish

BVCS International Program Promo - German