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International Blended Program

This program is intended for a select group of students who desire to complete a highschool diploma in their home country and in British Columbia simultaneously.
Students who enroll in the International Blended Program are self motivated  learners who aim to obtain enough credits for both the British Columbia High School Diploma and for their diploma in their home country.
They typically first enroll in grade 10 and attend BVCS for the duration of that year. The following year they return to their home country and attend the equivalent of grade 11 there. For grade 12 they return to Smithers to attend BVCS during one semester. During the other semester they are at home to work on part of their program there. In June they graduate from two schools and receive two High School Diploma's.

For this program to be succesful there must be close cooperation between the two schools involved. The coordinator at BVCS stays in contact with the teachers in the home country to help the student complete the courses that are followed from a distance. During the time that the student is away from BVCS we supervise the BC curriculum courses that the student follows, mostly through a Distributed Learning format.

In order to graduate in Canada with a British Columbia (B.C.) Dogwood diploma, the student must earn credits from grade 10, 11 and 12 classes. 
The student can transfer credits already earned from a B.C. accredited school elsewhere and then earn the remaining necessary credits at BVCS.
Some course work done elsewhere can receive 'equivalency status',
For some courses a student can 'challenge the exam' without following all of the classes in the course.

For successful enrollment the following conditions for acceptance will need to be met:

  • Submit completed Registration Form, Financial Responsibility Form, and Student Information Form. (Right Hand Bar)
  • Copy of passport and translated report cards of the last two years. 
  • The parent must send the required forms, documentation and registration fee (payable to Bulkley Valley Christian School) directly to the school; not through an agent.
  • Applications will only be accepted for grade 10 or higher. 

Students will be placed to live with a family associated with the Bulkley Valley Christian School.  No student will be permitted to live on their own but the International Program will consider approving a non-associated local home if that family understands and supports the school's program.
Student and parents shall understand that all teaching is done from a Christian point of view. Bible study courses are mandatory. Understanding Western culture and literature is easier when the student learns how they are rooted in the Bible.

Program Costs (2012 / 2013):

  • Registration:  $300.00  (non-refundable)
  • One-year tuition: $13,800.00  (includes compulsory Govt. medical insurance and English as a Second Language instruction).
  • One-year Homestay Cost: $700.00 / month  (payable directly to the Homestay family)
  • Additional annual costs: $50.00 for textbook rental, $75.00 for participating in any School team sport.
  • The cost of optional school trips will vary.  In the Spring, the student will participate in a school fundraiser which puts money into his/her personal school account and can go towards the costs of these activities and the grade 12 graduation.

An interview might be requested with a parent and the student.
When a student is accepted, prepaid tuition is required before an official Letter of Acceptance will be issued. 
Full tuition will be refunded if the student visa is not approved; rejection letter from Embassy will be needed as proof.



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