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BVCS Royals Athletics

As a small school BVCS is able to provide most students with the opportunity for competitive sports. Students who demonstrate a commitment to teamwork, training and practice will often have the opportunity to develop their ability through game time and teamwork.

For many students, athletics form some of their most memorable and cherished experiences in high school. Team trips, provincial victories and nail-biter games, as well as heart-breaker losses all shape a group experience by which they've grown together. Sports and athletics will continue to play an important role in our school.

Single "A" Teams

BVCS has a long history of high-level performance in our single "A" basketball and volleyball teams. Many provincial championship banners hang in our gymnasium as a testimony to the dedication of our students, coaches and parent volunteers. We value team work, healthy competition and excellence and we strive to win. We do so, however, with a premium placed on sportsmanship.


In recent years we've fielded a golf team. This team has met with success as they've attended various provincial and regional tournaments.

Elementary School

For the past number of years we have formed teams for students in grades 4 through 7 in basketball and volleyball. These teams are focussed on developing skills, resilience and teamwork. All students play game time as we compete against other schools and conduct our own intramural games.

Our Philosophy

We want to reflect a Christian attitude and approach in all that we do, including our athletics program. We do this through team prayer, striving to be excellent at our chosen sports, demonstrating graciousness in wins and losses and playing to the best of our ability. We support our coaching staff, encourage parent participation when appropriate, respect referees and officials and congratulate opponents on their wins.

At elementary levels, our priorities are on participation and skill development. As we move to higher levels, our priorities become more competitive and demands on players increase accordingly: we expect commitment from players and parents.

Get the App

The best way for parents and students to find out about practice, game and tournament schedules is with the MyBVCS app. It's free and available here. Contact Tom Grasmeyer for the install code if you need it.


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