Grow at BVCS

Bulkley Valley Christian School is a community of growth. As staff, students and families we want to cultivate an atmosphere in which we grow into people who reflect the character of Christ. In this pursuit, we have chosen the acronym ‘G.R.O.W’



Grace is a gift from God that helps us show love and mercy to all. The opposite of grace is pride.

Grace means showing compassion, forgiveness and empathy towards others. It means giving each other the benefit of the doubt and a second (or third or seventy-sixth) chance. It means believing the best about each other, protecting the character of others and serving one another.


Respect is showing togetherness, cooperation, excellence towards others.
(The opposite of respect is selfishness.)

Respect means listening well while allowing others to speak. It means we obey authority. It means we show up and we show up on time. Respect is an embodiment of loving our neighbour.


Ownership is taking responsibility for yourself and your environment. The opposite of ownership is blame.

Ownership means we take responsibility for our actions and pride in our work. It means we invest time, energy and creativity in our pursuits. When we display ownership, we demonstrate courage and confidence.


Wonder is being curious and filled with amazement. The opposite of wonder is apathy.

Wonder means we take interest in the world and people around us. It means we encounter learning with a sense of awe, interest and discovery. Wonder animates our desire to pursue learning beyond easy limits. Wonder means we go above and beyond for the sheer joy of it.