Grocery Card Program

Here’s a simple way that you can support BVCS without spending an extra nickel! All it takes is a little change to the way you do your regular grocery shopping.

How Does it Work?

Instead of paying with cash, debit or credit cards at the store you simply use your pre-purchased grocery cards. BVCS benefits by earning up to 8% of your purchase. This program has a huge potential to generate revenue for the school.

  • you can still earn AirMiles™, Aeroplan or other rewards points on all of your purchases. Simply show your rewards card when you are paying at the till.
  • When you’ve purchased $2,500 worth of grocery cards from BVCS, we’ll give you a free $25 gift card.

Grocery cards can be purchased for these stores:

  • Safeway
  • No Frills (previously Extra Foods)
  • Bulkley Valley Wholesale

How to Purchase cards

  • Come to  the BVCS front office or contact one of the following People:
  • Include your payment with your order form or send an eTransfer to Remember to inform the school about the answer to your secret question. Once we’ve received your eTransfer, you can pick up your cards from the front office.