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Our kindergarten is a special place. Each child receives the care and attention they need to blossom, grow, and become excited about learning about God's world. In kindergarten, we learn how to love God and each other, we discover that God made each of us special, and that we can show our love for God by learning about his world…together!

As a school society, we know how important it is for kindergarten kids and families to get to know each other. After all, they'll be together for 13 years as they go through their school experience. We want to build strong relationships and lay a strong Christian foundation in the lives of these important little people.


Our kindergarten operates on a full-day Monday through Friday class schedule. However, we use a 'transition' period to get up to full time.

For many children starting kindergarten, full-time kindergarten can be a bit overwhelming at first. If you're concerned about your child's ability to keep up with this schedule, please speak with the kindergarten teacher to make arrangements for child. It's not uncommon for kindergarten children to be exhausted by the busy schedule right away in September…but by the time they've adjusted to the routines of a classroom in November or December, they're fully capable of taking a full-day every-day schedule. We'll be happy to discuss your child's needs.

To Apply

Please download the application forms below, under 'Documents'. When these documents are complete, send them to tgrasmeyer@bvcs.ca or give us a call at 250-847-4238.

Tuition Discount

Tuition for parents with their oldest child in kindergarten and grade 1 will be 50% of the posted rate. When their oldest child enters grade 2, tuition will increae to the regular posted rate. This is intended to bring more families into Bulkley Valley Christian School by making it more affordable to start into Christian education.

When considering tuition, please keep in mind that BVCS is able to issue a charitable tax receipt for s very significant portion of the tuition paid (approx 98%). This, in turn, will usually mean approximately 43% of the tuition will be returned to you as a credit when you file your income tax. Contact our Business Administrator for more information.

Kindergarten enrollment is subject to our Admissions Policy.

Would you like more information?

Please call us at 250-847-4238.