BVCS will commence bus service to our school and at least one other local independent school beginning on January 31, 2021. The information on this page is partial and will be updated regularly during the week of January 24 through February 4. It is important to check back here often, Please note that we expect times and routes to change a little bit as we settle into routine.

General information

  • Rules for bus riders are available here.
  • Per Motor Vehicle Act regulations, we will not be transporting any other items on the bus except for items that can fit into a student’s backpack. If students bring items other than backpacks on the bus, parents will be called to come and pick up the items. This includes sports equipment, band instruments, and shop projects. Please understand that these regulations are made by the Ministry of Transportation and not by BVCS. BVCS is asking for everyone’s compliance

Bus permission form

Does your child want a friend to come over after school? Does your child need to get dropped off at a different stop? We’ll be happy to welcome courtesy riders or temporary stop changes when we’re able. We need notice at least one day before.

Please note that this is intended for occasional use and for limited numbers. For example, we cannot accommodate a child bringing multiple children home with them for a birthday party. If in doubt, give us a call at 250-847-4238.

Complete the form below. When you submit it, you’ll receive an email with a summary of your request. Just print that out and have your child bring it to the bus stop.


Can my child take an instrument or large project on the bus?

No. Per Motor Vehicle Act regulations, we will not be transporting any other items on the bus except for items that can fit into a student’s backpack. Students with large items should be driven to/from school by parents. Please understand that these regulations are made by the Ministry of Transportation and not by BVCS. SD54 is asking for everyone’s compliance

Can my child bring a friend on the bus?

We don’t know yet. We’ll do our best to accommodate requests like this, but we still have to develop a procedure for this. We’ll likely have a form that they’ll need to complete at their respective school office.

When should we be at the bus stop?

Five minutes before scheduled pickup time. 

Why isn't there bus service in my area?

We only have two buses and two drivers. In order to avoid extensively long bus times we’ve had to make some decisions about routes. We simply can’t serve everyone.

How many schools are on the BVCS bus?

So far, two. Students from BVCS and from St. Joseph’s Catholic School will be riding these buses. We’re delighted to welcome St, Joseph’s families to our bus service.

Who are our drivers?

Mrs. Kathy Barendregt will be driving route 1 (Telkwa). Mr. John Hartman will be driving route 2 (Witset / Smithers north). We could still use some backup drivers in case of illness or other driver absences. If you know of a driver, please encourage them to contact us.

How much will this cost?

Each family using the bus will need to pay $200 for the period from January 31 until the end of this school year. Your school will invoice you.

BVCS parents: you have a small refund coming (about $88) for the cancellation of SD54 bus service. We’ll credit that refund to this new bus fee…we’d invoice you for the balance.

The actual cost of operating these buses will greatly exceed the fees that we collect from families. BVCS has been subsidizing your SD54 bus fees. In running our own routes, we are passing on only a portion of the actual cost to parents.

If the cost is prohibitive to your family, please contact the school ASAP.

Are masks required on the bus?

Yes, all students must wear a mask on the bus. Per PHO orders, there are no mask exceptions for the bus. 

How will we find out about bus cancellations and delays?

We’ll be using MyBVCS, the free BVCS parent app. Go to ‘Groups”, tap the ‘gear’ icon at top right and select the toggle for ‘BVCS Buses’. You’re now subscribed to receive any bus notifications on the app.

If you are not a BVCS parent, we are working on a way to provide you with a SMS text system that will keep you informed about any bus cancellations, delays or route alterations. Hope to have this up and running in the next couple of weeks.

Bus rules…where are they?

Bus rules are available here.

I don't like our designated bus stop.

You can talk to your driver. If they can help without altering route length or times, they’ll try to accommodate.

Or…use the form below to tell us more. It’s helpful if you provide us with a suggested location. We’ll do our best to accommodate.

Bus inquiry