We have two buses and two routes. We have created a Q&A section below.

Register for 2022/23 bus service

Complete the bus registration form to register for bus service beginning in September 2022. Routes will be created based on families who have signed up, so registering early will help us.


We have two buses and two routes. Routes and schedules are available below. NOTE that routes/schedules will likely be modified and updated a number of times over the coming weeks.

Routes last updated: Thursday, Sept 8

Bus news and policies

Bus route updates

Bus #2 may operate for morning routes only beginning Monday, September 26. We continue to look for an afternoon driver starting September 26. Bus #1 is not affected (full AM/PM operations).

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Bus #1 (Telkwa) Away September 12 – 16

Bus #1 will be away with our high school ‘Bard on the Beach’ trip for the week of September 12 – 16 (Monday to Friday). This bus serves our Telkwa AM/PM route. Families on this bus route will need to carpool or drive for the week September 12 – 16.

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How much will this cost? And what are the terms?

Bus rates will be $500 per family per year. Please note:

  • family bus fees will not be pro-rated. This is because our costs (to buy a buy, hire drivers, insure, fuel) do not change with your ridership. The bus fee is not a per-ride calculated fee. Think of it more like a membership. It’s there, regardless of how much or little you use it. For example:
    • if you join ½ way through the year, you still pay full price.
    • if your child only rides occasionally (like once or twice a week, or just one direction), you still pay full price
    • if your child has a stop that is close to school, you still pay full price
  • family bus fees will not be refunded. For example, if you leave the bus service for any reason we will not refund you in full or in part.

Riding the bus here or there to go to a friend’s house (birthday, babysitting) does not require you to pay for the bus. However, if you’re a regular part of the schedule (even if infrequent), we have to charge. “Once every second week” or “just one way on Tuesdays” is still a regular part of the schedule.

Why are you charging families this amount?

The costs associated with operating these two bus routes are significant. Costs for two routes are projected to be about $114,000 for the year (operations only…capital costs of buying buses is over-and-above this).

We will recoup a portion of the transportation costs through family bus fees and service fees to other schools. Even after these revenues, BVCS is projecting a total net cost of about $50,000 to $70,000.

The reality is that bus transportation is very expensive. Many Christian schools of our size (and larger), such as Cedars (PG), Centennial (Terrace), Houston Christian, Vernon Christian and others operate no bus service whatsoever. We are blessed to be able to offer this, but it comes at a cost.

How many buses do we have?

We will have two operational buses:

  • Bus #1 is our brand new 2023 Thomas C2 Saf-T-Liner. It will enter service for the first time in September.
  • Bus #2 is a used bus purchased from SD54. Like our new bus, this is also a Thomas C2 Saf-T-Liner.
  • Bus #7 no longer has current inspection certificates and cannot be operated as a school bus without these. BVCS is electing to not re-certify this bus.

Are we serving other schools?

Yes. We are pleased to have finalized an agreement with St. Joseph’s Catholic School.

Which takes precedence: Field trips or routes?

We have written a Bus Transportation Policy to govern this and other aspects of busing. View it here.