(Grades 8-12)

At Bulkley Valley Christian School

High school years are a rich time of growth in every way. As they step from childhood into adolescence, high school students learn to think deeply, question, test and relate. We walk with them through this, spicing our high school experiences with trips, debates, projects and service that helps us to find ‘together’ in new ways. High school students move into new learning areas in core courses and extra-curricular opportunities such as bi-annual musical drama production, competitive athletics and much more. 

As students reach upper grades and set their course towards post-secondary, we love to work with them in accessing scholarships and bursaries, making course selections and accruing experiences and courses that will be relevant to their chosen programs. All students get the academic help they need from teaching staff, and students who need a little extra help benefit from personalized attention in support blocks.

No high school student passes through our halls without becoming very familiar with our staff. Lunch time ping pong, foosball, intramurals and air hockey set the stage for deep staff-student and student-student relationships that extend well beyond high school. Our high school halls often reverberate with laughter. We want our students to graduate as confident citizens, humble lovers of God and neighbour and fully prepared to encounter the world as Christian disciples.

Haida Gwaii

History, Culture and Reconciliation

A highlight trip for many years, our Haida Gwaii trip opens grade 11 and 12 students’ eyes to the beauty of indigenous culture in general and Haida culture in particular. Through an immersive cultural experience, we wrestle with the history of Canada’s marked relationship with its indigenous peoples. From indigenous voices, we hear about loss, hope and healing. This trip leaves a lasting, hopeful mark on students as they reflect on justice, truth, humility and God’s heart. Many of our grads cite the Haida Gwaii trip as being deeply formative for them.


It’s a Big World After All

We love trips. Big and small, near and far, they open our eyes wide with wonder. From the slate slopes high above the Joe L’Orsa cabin in Silver King Basin to the chalkstone halls of Parliament in Ottawa; from the folding, pulsing northern lights above winter camp to the raucous laughter at the Bard on the Beach Shakespeare Festival, trips open our eyes to a world that is huge and full of magic. On high school trips we encounter stories, people, our need for grace and our God who so generously grants it. Trips vary by grade and may change from year to year.

A Flare for the Dramatic

Bi-annual Musical Productions

It’s been a highlight for generations of BVCS high school students—the bi-annual musical production. We take the stage in style through musicals that make us laugh, think and cry. We usually choose musicals with large casts so that any and all students who want to be involved on the stage can be. But students who don’t want to act are still involved—set design and construction, make-up, costumes, promotion, sound and lighting are all student-run. The musical is a highlight for many BVCS students, past and present.

Trying Something New

Exploratory Courses

What do mountain biking, pottery, rock-climbing, small engine mechanics, sewing and a three-day canoe trip have in common? They’re just a few of the courses we’ve offered during the last six weeks of each spring semester. We usually have outside community members with expertise in particular areas lead these courses. While the course offerings change each year, the benefits are always the same—students who have grown by exploring a new interest or corner of our province.

Court Time

High School Athletics

A high percentage of BVCS high school students participate in our BC School Sports sanctioned sports programs. We love athletics for a lot of reasons, not the least of which is how they build character, confidence, teamwork and resilience into the lives of those who play. In the fall, we field Royals volleyball teams at every high school age level (grade 8, junior, senior) for both guys and girls. In the winter, we switch to basketball. Many years we are able to send a golf team to courses throughout our region. Many of our athletics teams have brought home zone banners and provincial titles—a testament to the emphasis, commitment and hard work of our volunteer coaches and athletes.

If you’re interested in registering a child for high school and are new to BVCS, please take a look at our admissions process and then book a visit or an introductory phone call. We’d love to talk to you before receiving your application. If you’re ready to apply or are a returning family, download an application form, fill it in, and drop it off at our office.