School Board & Committees

Bulkley Valley Christian School is owned and operated by the Bulkley Valley Christian School Society. As a society, we are governed by an elected school board. Board members are elected from within our membership and usually serve a term of three years. Our board members typically chair at least one committee. 

Our Board

Board photo

Dan Hamhuis

Board Chair

Tara Bree

Education Committee

Theo Bandstra

Treasurer, Finance Committee

Jenn Hols

Admissions/Promotions Committee

Greg Dykxhoorn

Building/Grounds/Transportation Committee

Jenna Hessels

Employee Relations Committee

Loralee Boonstra

Education Committee

Travis Nanninga

Corresponding Secretary

Jamie de Jong

Recording secretary (not a board position)


Our committees work hard to shape the direction of various aspects of our school. Chaired by board members, our committees are typically made up of staff, parents, and board representatives. We’re proud of the work that is done by these volunteers. 

Admissions/Promotions Committee
This committee works primarily on two fronts: admissions (policies, procedures, admissions interviews, and more) and promotions (advertising, community relations, and more).

Building/Grounds/Transportation Committee
Charged with caring for and maintaining our facility and busses, this committee also works hard to identify key capital projects that will carry our mission forward.

Education Committee
The Education Committee often deals with the nuts-and-bolts issues of running the school from day to day. Their mandate is wide and far-reaching: teacher hires, student issues, curriculum, discipline, and much more.

Employee Relations Committee
Mandated to implement, develop and monitor policy related to wages, workplace grievances, benefits, and hiring policy, this committee does valuable and important work in making sure that BVCS is an attractive workplace for current and potential employees.

Finance Committee
The Finance Committee sets annual budgets, stewards current resources, and approves large capital expenditures. Working with our Finance Director, the Finance Committee also curates our Tuition Support Program, all bank accounts, financial performance and fiscal health.

Standing Grad Committee
Planning for a healthy, safe and responsible graduation celebration is an important job. We are thankful for the volunteers (parents, staff, and board) who work to create a meaningful graduation experience for each year’s grad class.

Strategic Plan

The BVCS Board released a new strategic plan for 2022-2025. The plan is available below.