Directory of Local Churches

The BVCS community spans almost every local area church community. While our historical roots are from the Christian Reformed Church, BVCS is not operated, owned or governed by any particular church. We are governed and operated by an independent school society with a board made up of Christian men and women from many different churches and Christian traditions. That makes us ‘interdenominational’ in nature. 

By listing these churches (no particular order), we are not endorsing them nor are we claiming to be endorsed by them. We just hope it’s helpful to prospective parents, families new to Smithers, and the church community to have one listing of churches that our school touches through our student body, staff or board representation.

Mountainview Assembly

2701 Viewmount Road S., Smithers

Telkwa Community Church (CRC)

1348 Highway 16, Telkwa

Faith Reformed Church (URC)

1170 Highway 16, Smithers

Smithers Seventh Day Adventist Church

3696 4 Ave, Smithers

Smithers Fellowship Baptist Church

3919 7 Ave, Smithers

Smithers Canadian Reformed Church (CanRef)

1645 Van Gaalen Rd, Smithers

Smithers Evangelical Free Church (EFC)

1838 Main St, Smithers

Faith Alive Fellowship

3771 Broadway Avenue, Smithers

Smithers Christian Reformed Church (CRC)

4035 Walnut Dr, Smithers

Bethel Reformed Church (URC)

3115 Gould Pl, Smithers

Smithers Salvation Army

1065 Main St, Smithers

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