Christian Stewardship Services

The mission of Bulkley Valley Christian School is supported by the faithfulness of God through his people. Generations of supporting individuals, couples and families continue to uphold Bulkley Valley Christian School’s mission by contributing through a wide variety of financial tools. Christian Stewardship Services facilitates many of these means through expert financial advice and trusted systems.

Christian Stewardship Services (CSS) provides many creative and financially sensible routes for Christians to grow wealth and profit for their families and the Christian ministries they’ve chosen to support. CSS has a long history with Bulkley Valley Christian School, as well as countless other Christian organizations and not-for-profits across Canada in their over 40 year history. CSS encourages Christians to see their wealth as belonging to God, and to respond to this Biblical paradigm by becoming stewards (not owners) of their wealth. They will help you understand things like wills, charitable giving, and mortgages, and get you set up in each of these avenues.