(Grades 4-7)

At Bulkley Valley Christian School

In the intermediate years, students encounter a growing world of inquiry and opportunity. We are delighted to see their original ideas take shape through art, writing and creative expression. They reflect, often with amazing insight, a growing awareness of the world around them and their role in it. While we still spend considerable time on literacy and numeracy, this is also when we introduce them to literature from around the world, cultural stories and deep human challenges. We coach them in role play, we inspire them to write persuasively and we encourage them to ask big questions. As intermediate students learn more about God’s great redemptive story, they grow in their ability to see the world through the eyes of faith. We bathe our interactions with laughter, grace and care for each unique student.

The Roots of Confidence

Growth Through Athletics

There are few things that build confidence like teamwork. It’s a lesson that students learn early at BVCS. Through carefully planned opportunities for volleyball, soccer and basketball, students grow beyond athletics skills. They learn to encourage, to cheer, to challenge their limits and to demonstrate character in wins, ties and losses. These optional, extra-curricular teams help students to see potential in themselves and others, building confidence for almost every other sphere of life.

If you’re interested in registering a child for an intermediate grade and are new to BVCS, please take a look at our admissions process and then book a visit or an introductory phone call. We’d love to talk to you before receiving your application. If you’re ready to apply or are a returning family, download an application form, fill it in, and drop it off at our office.