Primary (Grades 1-3)

At Bulkley Valley Christian School

The early years of elementary school are so incredibly formative as kids establish their reading and writing skills, begin to grasp math, and expand their ability to socialize and build community. As their ability to understand and create stories expands, we begin to dig a little bit deeper into biblical principles that will become the foundation of their faith. Their first research report might explain how God made each animal unique. They might write original compositions to answer the question, “how would Jesus and I spend the day?” They’ll have opportunities to learn about students from vastly different communities and be encouraged to connect with them.

As the year progresses your child’s progress will be reviewed at the end of each period with a report card and a chance for parents and teacher to meet. Each fall, student-led conferences allow parents to interact directly with their students and teachers in the classroom. Our primary staff are more than eager to work with parents to track students educational goals and encourage growth.

A Solid Foundation

Daily Reading, Writing and Numeracy

Success and confidence with literacy and numeracy start early at Bulkley Valley Christian School. Through concentrated, fun and daily reading, writing and math activities, teachers guide small groups of students through five classroom ‘stations’. Students benefit from regular instructional time in small groups as they receive assistance and take on challenges that are suited to their skill level. We regularly see students of every skill level bloom as they learn on their own, with other students, and with their teachers through the Daily Five. It’s all a part of our commitment to early success in the lives of each and every student.

En Français

An introduction to French, starting in Kindergarten

Several years ago, a primary parent came to us with a suggestion: why not do a few minutes per day of French for all students beginning in Kindergarten? We loved the idea and jumped right on board. Today, all elementary students (starting in Kindergarten) receive regular engaging French language lessons based on dramatic action, phrases and song. We start with some basics and gradually increase the time, frequency and content of French classes as grades increase. We’ve been blown away with the results, and kids love it. 

If you’re interested in registering a child for a primary grade and are new to BVCS, please take a look at our admissions process and then book a visit or an introductory phone call. We’d love to talk to you before receiving your application. If you’re ready to apply or are a returning family, download an application form, fill it in, and drop it off at our office.