Let’s enjoy your talents together!

BVCS students possess all kinds of talents: music, poetry, dance, karate, juggling and much more. Forté is our chance to enjoy it together.

This year’s Forté event will be hosted online through a mix of live hosting and pre-recorded performances. We’ll host this event online on the evening of February 10. This way we can all enjoy the incredible performances from the comfort and safety of our own homes, and family in other parts of the province or country can also watch.

Information for students

I want to perform. Do I need to sign up?

Yes, if you wish to perform you need to sign up in advance. You can do that with the button below.

Sign up here

What grades can participate?

Any student in kindergarten through grade 12 may participate.

What should I do to prepare?

All acts should be well prepared/rehearsed, and anything with lyrics (sung or instrumental) should be appropriate for a Christian school audience. We will be previewing all acts beforehand, and we reserve the right to choose not to include any acts that we feel are not suitable for any reason.

How do I submit my act?

Practice up, and then video record yourself. Ask a friend or family member to give you a hand with the recording.

  • Make sure the finished video is good quality. You’ll want to make sure that it’s clear, not shaky, properly lit and the sound is clear. Most phones are suitable for recording.
  • When it’s ready, send the finished video to Mr. Grasmeyer by email or using WeTransfer

What's the due date for my video?

Submit your video on or before February 4. If you submit after this date, we cannot guarantee we’ll be able to include it. Submit your video by email or WeTransfer.

When will Forté happen?

We’ll host it online on February 10, in the evening.

How will Forté happen?

We’ll be hosting it online. We’ll have some live hosts introducing each pre-recorded act. You (and your friends and family) will be able to watch online. We’ll send the link out a few days beforehand. If you or your family are not able to watch that night, you can always come back later and watch when it is convenient for you.

Do we have to register to watch?

No. You won’t need to register to watch this on February 10, and there’s no cost to watch.