Tuesday, April 26, 2022

It’s been an annual tradition at BVCS for nearly as long as we’ve had a high school. But the Litter-a-thon is more than a tradition: it’s our way of expressing gratitude to live here in this incredible valley. It’s our way of expressing love for God and our neighbour. It’s our way of carrying our mandate to care for God’s creation.

We’re thrilled to look forward to this year’s Litter-a-thon. Thanks for being a part of this!


You can sponsor

Students in grades 8 through 12 use the Litter-a-thon to generate funds for school activities including class trips, sports fees, special outings and so much more.

When you contribute we’ll provide you with a charitable tax receipt.

With the button below, you can make a general donation to the Litter-a-thon, or you can designate your donation for a particular student.

Student Safety

It’s our priority.

We take student safety very seriously, and that’s why we’ve created our safety plan. You can view and download our safety plan using the button below.

In planning the Litter-a-thon, BVCS has been in discussions with the following:

  • Dawson Road Maintenance
  • The Town of Smithers
  • BC Ministry of Transportation

In order to enhance the safety of our students on the day of the Litter-a-thon, we will provide the local RCMP detachment with information about our event. We will also rely on local media (radio in particular) to communicate our presence to the travelling public.