Saturday, March 9 · 6:30 pm

Take your tastebuds on a field trip

Food Tasting 6:30 – 8 pm

Come out and feast on samples of boutique foods and flavours…from sweet to savoury, familiar to exotic, local to foreign. Enjoy good company as you visit with other parents, staff, supporters and community members. This is intended as an adult-only event (grades 9 and up welcome).

Admission is free. Purchase tickets at the event for food tasting (typically 1 ticket per taste).

Auction Action

Online & Live Auctions

We’ll be hosting two auctions in connection with this event:

  • Live auction (begins @ 8:30 pm)
  • Online auction (runs March 4 – 9)

Auctions will include many different kinds of items, services and experiences.

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What's the Taste of BVCS?

It’s an opportunity to sample our international flavour with foods and beverages made by BVCS parents, students and supporters!

Our building will be set up with food and beverage booths all over the upper floor. While admission is free, the food and beverage samples aren’t. Guests will buy ‘tickets’ (as many or as few as they like) and use those tickets to buy small samples of food or beverages. In general it will be one ticket per sample.

There's an auction?

There are two auctions, actually. They are both linked to this event, but they are separate auctions.

  • Live auction – will be held on the evening of Saturday, March 9. It will be an in-person (live) auction. There will be no online bidding. While you can preview the live auction items online, they are not open to pre-bidding anywhere.
  • Online auction – The online auction will launch on the morning of Monday, March 4 and will remain open until noon on March 9. Successful bidders can pick up their items on the evening of March 9 (at the Taste of BVCS event).

Can I donate?

Donations are welcome, but not required! Do not feel like you need to donate to attend. This event is open to all. It’s a fundraiser event, with revenue being generated through the food tasting booths.

However, should you wish to donate we welcome your donations during, before, or after this event (you can bring a donation with you, or you can donate online here). Any monetary donations that are not associated with auction purchases can be receipted. If you’d like to donate an item to the auction, click here.

Are tax receipts available?

  • We will be happy to issue charitable tax receipts for monetary donations.
  • We will not issue tax receipts for auction donations.
  • We will not issue tax receipts for auction purchases, even if the amount paid for the auction purchase is clearly above market value.

We recognize that it is possible and legal to issue charitable tax receipts for the latter two bullets (auction donations and auction payment above fair market value). However, doing so requires a significant amount of work and record-keeping, and can incur costs with getting independent third-party documented values. BVCS elects not to issue receipts for these.

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