Prior to boarding the bus at school or on the road

    1. Be on time at the designated bus stop so the bus can stay on schedule.
    2. Be careful in approaching your bus stop, especially if crossing a street or highway is necessary.
    3. Stay off the road while waiting for the bus and conduct yourselves in a safe manner while awaiting the bus.
    4. Do not move toward the bus either at the school-loading zone or at the street bus stop until the bus comes to a complete stop.
    5. Wait for disembarking students to be clear of the bus before attempting to enter.

While on the bus

    1. Be courteous to the driver, assistants and fellow students
    2. Help look after the safety and comfort of other bus passengers, and particularly smaller children.
    3. Remain seated at all times.  Wait for the bus to come to a complete stop before getting up to disembark.
    4. Do not engage in horseplay while on the bus.
    5. Keep hands and heads inside the bus at all times until disembarking.
    6. Silence is required when the bus nears a railroad-crossing stop.
    7. Keep aisles clear.  Do not put books, packages, musical instruments, or other objects in the aisles.
    8. Never throw objects in the bus or out of the bus windows.
    9. Do not litter.  Help keep the bus clean at all times.
    10. No eating is permitted on the school bus’s regular runs.
    11. Never tamper with the bus or its equipment.
    12. Treat the bus with care.  Damage to seats, etc. must be paid for by offender.
    13. Smoking and the use of alcohol are strictly forbidden on the bus.
    14. Remember to take all your belongings when disembarking.
    15. In case of emergency, students must remain in the bus unless specifically told otherwise by the driver or assistant.

After disembarking

    1. If it is necessary to cross the road after leaving the bus, cross the road in front of the bus, being sure to check that approaching traffic from either direction has come to a stop.
    2. Be alert to danger signals from the bus driver.
    3. Help young children in disembarking and crossing the road if necessary.


    1. The driver will discharge students only at the regular bus stops, at the home, or at the school unless proper authorization from the parent or a school official has been received.
    2. The driver is responsible for the safety and comfort of all bus passengers and will therefore enforce the rules outlined above.  In the event of misbehaviour or disobedience, the driver will
      1. give the student a verbal warning, keeping a record of the same;
      2. issue the student a discipline notice for a second offence.  Two copies of the notice will be sent home with the student, one of which is to be signed by the parent and returned by the student to the driver who will forward it to the transportation committee.  If the student does not return the signed notice the following day, the student will be taken to school, however, the parents will be phoned and advised to pick him/her up after school; and
      3. refer the student to the Principal in case of a third offence.  The student will be suspended from riding the bus and will remain suspended until further notice from the school.
    3. Students going to a friend’s home and therefore wishing to ride the bus should complete the bus courtesy rider form.

Extra-Curricular Trips

    1. The above rules and regulations apply to all trips made with the school bus under school sponsorship.
    2. Students are expected to obey all rules and respect the wishes of chaperones approved by the school.
Download bus passenger rules (PDF)