BVCS has ordered a brand new 2023 Thomas C2 Saf-T-Liner (made by Freightliner). After some deliberation between gasoline and diesel, we decided on buying the Cummins Diesel model. The new bus is fully warrantied.

The dealer will be installing underbelly luggage compartments. With these we’ll be able to include musical instruments and larger items on AM/PM routes. This also means we’ll be able to transport skis on ski days and luggage on school trips (such as athletics trips, winter camp, Silverking, and others).

We have also ordered automatic tire chains. This will help us in winter AM/PM routes and on ski trips. It allows the driver to get the benefits of tire chains without having to get out to install them.

This new bus will serve the BVCS community for years to come. It was made possible by the generosity of our school community partners: parents, grandparents and the supporting community that surrounds this school. You gave through the year-end drive and the school online auction to contribute towards the purchase cost of this new bus. We are so grateful for this.

The dealer hopes to have our new bus to us in about four weeks (their target is sometime in the first half of May). We will put the bus into service as soon as we are able.

Thomas C2 bus