With the Western Night rumblin’ up on the horizon (March 18), me’n’th’boys was wonderin’ if we might impose ‘pon yer generous-like nature t’see if y’might have sumthin’ fer the online or live auction. (Yeeeepppp…there’s two auctions…online and live.)

Yep, I got somethin’

YA DO?!?! Well I’ll be!!!! Smokey here figgered y’would (I allus knew he’s somethin’ smart…fer a horse.)

Well since you’ve got somethin’ fer the auction, y’should let us know bout it. Here’s how:

  • Fill in the fandangled online form right HERE
  • Or jes email the details over t’ Stompin’ Tom at tgrasmeyer@bvcs.ca. Don’t ferget to tell him what it is, the proximate value, an send along some fine pictures
Click here t’donate sumthin.

I might have somethin’. Whatchya lookin’ fer?

We’re lookin’ fer stuff that other cowpokes and general folks would want t’buy. This ain’t a rummage sale, mind…so we’re not lookin’ fer used or real old stuff. Just cuz cousin Jethro figgers his 1978 Felt-lined lampshade with gold tassels looks good in Thelma’s livin’ room don’t mean it’s the kinda thing we’re after.

We’re lookin’ fer…

  • new items—electronics, kitchen appliances, sports equipment, housewares, camping gear, etc.
  • newly made items—wood workin’, wall hangin’, campin’ games, quilts, etc.
  • food—meal packages, baking (promise-to-bake or actual items)
  • gift cards
  • services—car cleanin’, babysittin’, excavatin’, truckin’, you name it
  • experiences—river trips, saddle trips, paddle trips, spas, cabin nights, horse trainin’,

Git creative!

When y’ lookin’ fer havin’ this?

Don’t just sit there, Slim! Git going! We can’t advertise yer auction item if y’ don’t tell us about it soon.

Which auction this goin’ in?

In general, higher-value items’ll be goin’ in the live auction and more general type smaller items will go in the online auction. But, BVCS gits t’choose which auction to put yer item(s) in.

We’re powerful thankful fer folks like you.