The BC Training and Education Savings Grant (BCTESG) is available to eligible children for a three-year window only. Your child is eligible when:

  • you (parent/guardian) and the child are BC residents
  • the child’s birth year is 2013, 2014, 2015 or 2016
  • the deadline for your child’s birth year has not passed (see table below)

Birth Year Deadlines

  • Birth year: 2013 · Apply before 9th birthday in 2022
  • Birth year: 2014 · Apply before 9th birthday in 2023
  • Birth year :2015 · Apply before 9th birthday in 2024
  • Birth year: 2016 · Start applying on 6th birthday in 2022

Your financial advisor can help you to set up an RESP. You do not need to make any contribution to be eligible for the $1,200 BC Training & Education Savings Grant (BCTESG). All you need to do is open an RESP. Your advisor will access the $1,200 grant on your behalf. The funds go directly into your child’s RESP.

Contact your financial advisor. If you do not currently have a financial advisor, BVCS is pleased to recommend the following people and businesses who support BVCS:

Find out more (PDF program flier)