Are you missing notifications about the BVCS bus?

If you’re a bus parent, it’s very important that you have MyBVCS and that you’ve joined the ‘bus group’ in the app. If you haven’t joined the ‘bus group’, you’ll be missing out on emergency notifications, late notices, bus cancellations, and more. This is particularly important with winter weather approaching.

Here’s how to join the ‘bus group’ on the MyBVCS app (video below)

  • start MyBVCS
  • ensure that you are signed in (you should see your name about ⅓ of the way down the screen). If you are not signed in, sign in before proceeding.
  • Tap ‘My Groups’ at bottom right
  • Tap the Gear icon (top right)
  • Turn ‘ON’ BVCS Buses
  • Tap the back arrow (top left…looks like < MyBVCS)
  • You’ll now receive all bus notifications

Contact the office if you have trouble.