We have posted our bus routes to our website. All parents of bus students should review those routes and be familiar with times and stop locations.

Bus Routes

What if I don’t like my stop or time?

We have worked hard to make our routes as convenient as possible, as well as efficient for route times. However, often parents have good suggestions on how we can improve. Please let us know your suggestions by emailing our bus manager Kathy Barendregt and/or Tom Grasmeyer. We’ll consider your suggestions.

If you continue to be dissatisfied with your stop location or time and we are not able to remedy it, you may elect to not use the bus service. In that case we will not charge your family the annual bus fee and you can be removed from the bus.

I signed up for the bus. Why don’t I see my child listed on the route list?

We have done our best to serve as many families as possible with only two buses/routes/drivers. It’s just not possible to get everyone onto the bus, so we’ve had to make some difficult route decisions. If you don’t see your child listed on the routes, it’s likely we were unable to accommodate your request for bus service. If that is the case, you won’t be charged the annual bus fee. If you believe this to be in error or would like this re-considered, please contact our bus manager Kathy Barendregt and/or Tom Grasmeyer.

Expect some changes

We expect that there will need to be some changes to routes, times and ridership in the first few weeks. We’ll republish lists as necessary and you will be notified via MyBVCS. Once the dust settles we will invoice schools and and families for their annual fee.