BVCS teacher Jonathan Boone has been named as a finalist in the Smithers District Chamber of Commerce’s Community & Business Awards! The nomination bio reflects the reasons for this nomination:

“The human story is too incredible to be left on the pages of a textbook. Mr Boone’s students encounter living cultures, story-shaped people, diverse world views and contemporary issues through the varied voices of those closest to the issues: elders, artists, survivors, activists, community leaders. Student lives are shaped through deep questions in courses such as world and Canadian history, religious studies, BC First Nations 12, Law, Family Studies, Media Studies, Human Geography and more. Out-of-class learning to Haida Gwaii, Ottawa, the law courts, and indigenous communities complement in-class learning, debates, and projects. Mr Boone’s impact on students runs deep.”

Winners will be announced at the Community & Business Award Ceremony on Wednesday, November 25th starting at 5:00 pm. The Chamber invites community members to watch the ceremony live on the Smithers District Chamber of Commerce Facebook page as we celebrate the achievements of businesses and individuals who have contributed positively to our economy and community, especially during such a difficult year.