Over the next few weeks we will be installing forward- and rear-facing cameras on both of our school buses. This is being done in the interest of student and driver safety.

Forward-facing cameras will help to record and report drivers who violate the red flashing lights. This happens with surprising frequency. Where there is sufficient evidence of a light violation, we will provide this video footage to RCMP.

Rear-facing cameras will be installed inside the bus cabin. Students, driver and riders will appear on camera. This is being done to help us to enforce safe behaviour policies and to protect students and driver. In some cases, footage that extends outside the bus may help with traffic incidents (in which case, footage will be provided to the RCMP).

The cameras are standard dash cams. They record to an internal SD card—they are not in any way connected to an outside system. Under no circumstances will we share recorded video/audio with anyone other than BVCS administration or, when needed for traffic purposes, the RCMP. Camera systems are commonly installed on various modes of public transport, including SD54 buses.

If you have concerns or comments about this installation, please contact the school office.