The event below had to be cancelled. The flight that Dr. Currie was on was not able to land in Smithers due to weather. It is scheduled for later in the day, but it won’t be on time for this presentation to students.

On Friday, November 3rd at 1:45, we have the privilege to have Dr. Dave Currie to speak to our Grade 8-12 students. Dr. Currie will be addressing the important topic of the prevalence of pornography and the immense impact that this is having on young people. He will provide our students with practical strategies for battling pornography use and addiction. Dr. Currie is an expert in helping people with pornography addiction, strengthening marriages, and several other topics. More information about Dr. Currie can be found here.

We recognize the importance of addressing this issue with our students but also understand the sensitivities around this topic.  We’ve met with Dr. Currie who has provided us with an outline of his talk.  He is also providing follow-up material that our teachers will be sharing with students during homerooms in the days after the talk.  We will also be talking to students before Dr. Currie comes to better prepare them for this talk.

Due to the sensitivity of the issue we are not inviting parents to attend this talk but we will be streaming and recording the event so parents can either watch it in real time or later depending on their schedule.  A link to this can be found here.  Dr. Currie will also be speaking to parents at the Evangelical Free Church on Friday evening from 7-9:30.  Information about this seminar can be found here.

Live Stream

Please feel free to reach out to Mr Steenhof if you have any questions or concerns.