Get your bus license (Class 2) and drive bus for BVCS! We’ll cover the cost to get you licensed, and we’ll provide the bus for your training, practice and road test.

This is a perfect opportunity for parents and it helps the BVCS community.

  • Competitive hourly wage plus 4% vacation pay
  • Work school days only! You’re off every day that the kids are off…holidays, pro-D days, weekends
  • free babysitting for younger children (bring your toddlers on the bus…car seats are great) and they’ll be kept busy by a bus load of school kids
  • Flexibility: We’re working hard to line up backup drivers so that you’ll be covered when needed
  • We have two well-maintained and reliable buses.
  • Take the bus home. Depending on where you live, it may make sense to have you take the bus home overnight. This could shorten your route times and add to the convenience.

Interested? We hope so. Give us a call at 250-847-4238 or email