When is this happening?

This Thursday, May 12. We’ve invited grandfriends to come to BVCS at 9:45. We’ll start the program at 10 AM. They should be done by early afternoon (after lunch). Some grandparents may choose to stay longer to do a scavenger hunt with their grandkids.

What grades is this for?

This is most relevant for kids in preschool through grade 7. But if a grandparent wants to come for a high school student, we’ll welcome them!

Am I packing lunch for grandfriends?

Yes. If your child has a grandfriend coming, please send a bagged lunch for those grandfriends. They’ll eat it in the classroom with their grandchildren.

My kids are in different classes. Where will grandfriends eat lunch?

Generally, they’ll go to the classroom of their oldest grandchild. Younger grandkids will come to that classroom and eat together with them. Don’t worry, we’ll instruct the grandparents when they’re here. And if grandparents prefer to go to a different room for lunch, that’s just fine.

My child doesn’t have a Grandfriend coming

There are a lot of routes around this. Call a friend from church, substitute a parent, ask your pastor…there are a lot of creative ways to get a grandfriend there for your student. If you can’t line someone up, often grandfriends will welcome an extra child or two at their lunch table.

In years past we’ve tried having some ‘spare’ grandparents available for kids who don’t have anyone, but this tended to be awkward for everyone, including the kids. It hasn’t worked well, so we haven’t pursued this.


We’ll keep our parking lot open and available for grandfriends. Staff and students should park on our gravel lot or behind Bandstra Transport on Fulton Ave (we have permission).

Will this be live-streamed?

We will do our best to live-stream the performances. You can send your grandfriends this Youtube link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCt2bPTBXZEmHJDTDXvulUCQ. We plan to go live around 10 AM.