Ah, Grandfriends: they are witty, happy, wise, patient and caring. They wink when we eat chocolate chips out of the bag (we’ve seen grandpa do it when grandma’s not looking) and they know all the best fishing spots. They tell the best bedtime stories and they let us stay up later than we normally would. They always love a good game of checkers, always bake the best cookies and know how to keep a secret. Grandma knits a pretty mean pair of socks, too.

We want to celebrate our grandfriends on May 4 in our online Grandfriends Day presentation. Through this online video presentation, we’ll share our songs, stories and more.

We really wish you could be here at the school. It’s how we normally celebrate Grandfriends Day. But this year, thanks to Covid, that’s just not going to be possible. So we’re switching to an online format that will still help you hear and see us with our class groups. You’ll love what we have for you.

How do you find this?

At 7 pm (or shortly before) on Tuesday, May 4, go to www.bvcs.ca/grandfriends. There’s a link on that page, in a big green box. Click on that box and/or that link and your computer will open up the live stream. You won’t need to log in or give a password. Just sit back, relax and enjoy the show!

Can I watch this later?

Yes, the link will stay alive. You’ll be able to watch this whenever you’d like after May 4.

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