Afternoon routes for Bus #2 (Smithers, Lake Kathlyn, Witset) will not operate beginning October 3. We hope to resume around October 12 (to be confirmed). If we find a substitute driver for this period, we will update you. Bus #1 (Telkwa) is not affected—you will continue to have AM and PM service.

Mr. Brandon Boonstra has been generous by driving the afternoon Bus #2 route for us for the past two weeks. He will resume when he is able.

We are deeply appreciative of Mr. Kort and Mr. Boonstra and their willingness to help us out as temporary drivers until a permanent driver can be found. We continue to work to find a permanent solution for Bus #2. Almost every school district and authority in BC is short on bus drivers currently. We’re blessed to be able to offer the service we’ve had until this point.