On November 21, bus #1 was involved in a minor collision at a regular bus stop. Our driver was not at fault: our bus was rear-ended. We filed a report with the RCMP and claimed with ICBC, and the bus has been operating as we await insurance process and repairs.

However, we were notified by CVSE (Commercial Vehicle Safety & Enforcement) that after the incident, the bus will need to be inspected by the Area Vehicle Inspector. The inspector is working hard to serve as as quickly as possible, and he understands the difficulty that this puts us into. The bus is scheduled to be inspected this afternoon (Nov 30). We appreciate CVSE’s efforts to get us operating as quickly as possible while carrying their enforcement responsibilities.

As things are now, we have been given a verbal order to not operate Bus #1. It was supposed to have been inspected midday today, but we are still waiting. We hope that once it is inspected we will be able to operate it.

Families on bus #1 (Telkwa) NEED TO pick up their children from school this afternoon. We will provide more information this evening, regarding the rest of this week.

What if we can’t operate bus #1 until it’s repaired?

We recognize that bus #1 parents have borne most of the cost of cancelled routes and buses on field trips. We are exploring all possibilities to solve this as quickly as possible, including looking into bus rentals and getting bus #1 repaired as quickly as possible.

At a minimum, if we cannot operate bus #1 until it is repaired, we will develop a schedule that will serve both routes…probably an alternating route schedule.