Bus #1 (Telkwa)

(Updated Monday, Jan 22 at 11 AM): We continue to wait for the part to come in for Bus #1. The repair facility had expected it today (Monday), but just informed us that they now expect it on Wednesday or Thursday. It looks like Bus #1 will be down for the whole week. We recognize the inconvenience of this outage, and we are working to remedy it as soon as possible. We will keep you informed of any updates.

Bus #2 (Smithers/Witset)

The High school ski day is scheduled for this Friday, January 26. We had planned on using Bus #1 for this trip (it has auto tire-chains), but the recent outage on this bus requires us to use Bus #2 instead. So on Friday, January 26, bus #2 (Smithers/Witset) will operate on this schedule:

  • Morning service: operating as normal
  • Afternoon service: cancelled

The above applies even tif Bus #1 becomes operational before the scheduled ski day. Bus #1 families have missed too many days of service already.