Afternoon Pickups

SD54 bus drivers have noticed that when buses are ‘stacked up’ along Fulton Avenue for afternoon pickups it is difficult for vehicle drivers to see the Red Lights on the buses. All buses have cameras on board and anyone going through a red flasher will be reported to police and ticketed heavily. 

In order to help reduce buses ‘stacking up’ along Fulton, we will be immediately implementing a policy that if a student is not at the bus stop, the bus will be sent on without checking with the office or trying to find the student. This means that students who are late for their afternoon bus pickup will miss their bus.

Extra Objects Not Permitted

Per Motor Vehicle Act regulations, we will not be transporting any other items on the bus except for items that can fit into a student’s backpack. While SD54 has made some exceptions in the past, they will not be able to do this this year. Underneath compartments can only be loaded/unloaded at school sites with prior authorization. If students bring items other than backpacks on the bus, parents will be called to come and pick up the items. This includes sports equipment and band instruments, and shop projects.

Please understand that these regulations are made by the Ministry of Transportation and not by SD54. SD54 is asking for everyone’s compliance.