With our new music program comes all kinds of new opportunities for students. We’re looking forward to introducing high school students to guitars next semester. In order to have enough guitars (we’d like to have a dozen), we’ll be:

  • buying some new guitars
  • asking students to bring their own guitars if they have access to one
  • looking for donation guitars (that’s where you come in)

If students are bringing their own (or borrowed) guitars: It’s important to note that students may not bring guitars or other instruments on school buses. This rule comes from the BC Ministry of Transportation (not SD54), and we are asked to respect this. Guitars will stay at school unless parents are able to pick up and drop off.

Can you donate a guitar?

We’re looking for donations of classical (nylon string) or acoustic (steel string) guitars that are in good shape. We can easily replace strings or the odd part, but the guitar should be in playable condition. We are looking for instrument donations rather than instrument loans, as we hope to develop this program in the future. We reserve the right to politely decline guitars that don’t suit our purposes for any reason (size, condition, quality).

If you’re willing to donate a guitar that you have, please get in touch with Miss Jackie Boersma or call 250-847-4238.