This year we’re welcoming 42 new students to BVCS. Most of them are in kindergarten, and the rest are spread out throughout the school. If you’re one of the new students, we hope you’re looking forward to Tuesday! We sure are.

When you get here you’ll probably have a lot of questions: where’s my locker? who’s my teacher? where’s my room? what door should I come in? We hope that this post answers a few of your questions.

High School (grade 8 – 12)

  • come into the building when you arrive
  • we’ll post homeroom lists in the lobbies and hallways. Find your name, find the room. Ask for help from other students or staff.
  • in your homeroom you’ll receive your lock and locker assignment, some school supplies, course schedule and a whole lot more.
  • the first day is a half day. We’re done at 11:45 AM. No buses on the first day.

Elementary School (Kindergarten – grade 7)

  • go to the field/garden area behind the school when you arrive. You’ll notice that our field and playground are currently fenced off. Don’t worry…it will just be for a day or two.
  • when the bell goes, line up at the doors. We could explain what door to line up at, but it would get complicated. Just find another student who you know is in your grade and follow him/her to the correct door.
  • your teacher will show you where to hang up your coat, bag and change your shoes
  • the first day is a half day. We’re done at 11:45 AM. No buses on the first day.


  • You’ve received a separate email, available right here.

Our office will open at 8:15 on Tuesday. Feel free to call at 250-847-4238 with questions.