Please join with our students and staff in praying for our sister school in Nanfayie, Sierra Leone Tuesday at 12 noon. This is our third year in partnering with this school and community.

Items of Praise

  1. Covid has not severely affected Sierra Leone and many communities have been able to function. The school is open and students are learning.
  2. The well on school grounds that BVCS and the Smithers community funded is running and working well.

Items to Pray For

  1. Staff: Teachers are not paid and are not educated. Pray for local organizations who are working towards providing education and funding for teachers.
  2. Neighboring Communities: Many of the local communities do not have school buildings, or even schools. Pray for organizations working with these communities.
  3. High School Education: Nanfayie and almost all smaller communities do not have high school education. That means many students stop going to school or must move to larger centres to be educated. Pray that students will be able to receive high school education locally.
Thank-you for joining us for this time of prayer.