We were recently notified by School District 54 that effective January 31, they will no longer be providing bus services to area independent schools. This is due to a staffing shortage.

We understand the significance of this announcement for many of our BVCS families, for whom bussing is more than a convenience: it is a necessity.

Since receiving this news our admin team has been working hard to find options and alternatives for our families. We are still in the information-seeking stage and we ask for your patience as we assess our options.

We appreciate the relationship that we have with SD54. They have worked hard on our behalf to accommodate our students and those of other independent schools for many years.


When will bus service end?

Your last day of bus service will be Friday, January 28. Starting Monday, January 31 there will be no SD54 bus service for your students.

Will we be refunded?

You will not be charged for SD54 bus service after January 31. Our business office will work with SD54 to calculate refunds. More Information to come.

How should I plan to get my children to/from school?

It is possible that we will have a plan in place by January 31, but for now you should have a plan to drive your children to/from school beginning January 31. If you live in an outlying area, consider carpooling with other families in your area. We understand that this will be difficult for some families. Be assured, we are actively working on options.

Will BVCS start their own bus service?

It’s too early to say. We are looking at a lot of options and nothing is off the table yet. We’d like your feedback. See below.

Why did SD54 stop our bus service?

SD54 has been working hard to find enough drivers to service all of their routes. Absenteeism due to illness has put additional pressures on an already-stretched staff. Without enough drivers, they are forced into reducing routes and ridership. We have spoken with the SD54 transportation supervisor, and he conveyed his sincere regret about this decision. They have been working hard to avoid this, but they have no other options left.

We need to hear from you

Admin is working hard to understand your family’s school transportation needs and how we can best serve those. As we look at options, your feedback will be critically important. Please complete this brief survey ASAP.

Transportation survey

After gathering your input and considering our options, we aim to keep you informed as we make plans and decisions.