With the snow gone and spring upon us, we’re going to do a small (2-hour) spring clean-up of the BVCS campus. On Saturday, May 1, we could use your help from 9 – 11 AM.

Our work list is fairly light. It includes:

  • Wash down parking lot
  • Some raking
  • Some exterior window washing
  • Sweep out (or pressure wash) stairwells and walkways
  • Re-organize shed storage area
  • Assemble a new pre-fab shed, build interior shelving if needed
  • Do a dump run
  • Pick up trash
  • Wash bus 8
  • Blow leaves out of rocks and along walkways
  • and additional items

We depend on parents to assist. High school students are also welcome to assist (service hours available). If you can help, please indicate your participation using the form accessible below.

I can help!