We’re planning our spring fundraiser, A Taste of BVCS, and we hope you can help!

The event

The Taste of BVCS is a classy evening of boutique foods and flavours on offer throughout our building. Guests will tour the school and encounter tables/booths with small-portion ‘samples’ and ‘servings’ of foods and beverages. They’ll “purchase” each flavour with a ticket purchased in the front lobby: purchase as many or few as you like. After about an hour and a half, we’ll move to the gym for a live auction.

Food Booth Providers

We’re looking for about 20 ‘food booths.’ A food booth will feature a boutique ‘sample’ (intentionally small serving) of a food or beverage. We’re looking for delicious sample-sized portions of foods that span the globe (ethnic and cultural cuisine invited!) and span the senses (sweet, salty, savoury, hot, mild…etc.). Your booth might feature a sweet dessert, a home-made boutique relish or salsa, a delectable cheese cake, a market food from across the globe, or a time-honoured family-secret recipe.

It doesn’t just have to be food—you could also host a booth with gourmet coffees, exquisite kambucha, an amazing punch or a national tea. This is not a licensed event, so we cannot serve anything alcoholic.

More detailed information (including ideas) for Food Booth Providers is here.

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Auction Donations

Do you have an item (new, store-bought, hand-made), service (business or personal), or experience that you can contribute to our auctions? We’ll be hosting a live auction as well as an online auction. All items will be posted to the online site, but bidders will only be able to bid on ‘live auction’ items in person during the live auction.

Donate an item, service or experience